The quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked.

Being vulnerable is not easy. It’s actually a scary place to be. Living your life out loud to help others is not easy or fun. But it’s so necessary. Our community is suffering because of the backlash from admitting that you have some diagnosis’s and exposing your truth. Listen nobody wants to have a mental illness. It’s not cool. I don’t care how “popular” the discussion has become people are out here struggling. Things that are easy for the “normal” person like staying focused, having a conversation, reading, watching tv, remembering things is a complete struggle for us. We press through tho. So we need for the people on the outside to chill.

  1. Don’t tell us to relax

  2. Don’t tell us to just get over it

  3. Don’t tell us to shut up and pray

Because If we could. We would.... So please note: We checking you every time.... Hey 2020... Let’s go✨🤞❤

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