The quality of being honest.

The first step in healing is to acknowledge that you need to be healed. I know, nobody wants to feel like something is wrong with them. But trauma is so real. Mom/dad issues, sexually abuse issues, robbed/rape issues, unloving parents, divorce. The list is super long and no issue is more important than the other(as far as needing help). If it effects your makeup meaning the way you operate then you need help. Own it, then find you a counselor/therapist and start that healing process. When my therapist made me list out everything that happened to me I was in shock. She said you still don’t know why you have Anxiety. I didn’t realize I had been traumatized. I just thought something happened and life goes on. But that’s not that case. We need to deal with it. So let’s go

Signs that you need help

-Always angry

-Triggered by certain acts

-Feeling disconnected or numb -withdrawing from others

-confusion, difficulty concentrating -Guilt, Shame, self-blame

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