I Have God and a Therap;st

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

When I started this journey I must admit that there was a selfish aspect to my approach. More than anything I wanted and needed personal healing. I saw so much value in healing. But I saw even more of a transformation in being vulnerable so I did just that...I became vulnerable.

But God, revealed to me that as much as this is personal;it’s that much more community.

On a weekly, daily, hourly basis people are hurting with no relief. Despite your hurt, clock in. Despite your fatigue cook & clean. Despite your emptiness be everything for everybody.... and you’d be remised to not do it with a genuine smile on your face. The reality is that on a weekly, daily, hourly basis we can’t be there for everyone but we can be there for ourselves. Prayer is your conversation with God. Addressing your mental health is your conversation with you. Both are imperative for our personal wellness. I realize now more than ever that it was never just about me, and it never will be. It’s about the wellness of each individual that will in turn heal the community. I Have God and a Therap;st.. You should too

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