I believe at this point it’s an understatement. 2020 has been on our necks with no sign of letting up. If you’re anything like me I know you’re numb. Tired of telling people how you feel. Wishing you can get back to some kind of normalcy. But what is actually normal anymore. Is mask a part of our outfits now. Will we be 6ft away forever. Will we be able to enjoy a movie at the theater. What will it be......

Is your anxiety a little more amped up than usual? Are your stress levels super high? Have you been on edge? I know I can answer yes to all of these. So you are not alone. I need for you to stop.....

No seriously, stop and find some time for yourself. Step away from social media If that’s your thing. Take a day off from work. Don’t answer the phone/text messages

Say no. Its needed. I know it’s hard. I struggle as well. But we are spiraling and we need to regroup. Please M;nd Ya Mental at all cost..


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