Do It Scared ✨

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

I never knew that the Mental Breakdown would lead me here. In the words of Dr Thomasine T Wortham-

your mind is like an envelope and if you keep stuffing it full of crap it will explode

and that’s what mine did. After years of Trauma my mind said yo enough and failed me. I had a breakdown so bad I literally didn’t know if I was coming or going.

I called my mother one day and said hey you gotta get me admitted. I can’t take this anymore. She came over and we prayed and prayed. But the things that stuck out from that convo was “Do it Scared” and “Therapy” The road to recovery was/is not easy. I take each day for what it is and I do my part. The rest I leave to God and my Therapist!! I always say on this Mental Wellness journey that I’ll never leave you. (You= all the people that’s scared to talk, scared to get treatment, scared to take meds, scared to tell family) I meant it!! We will continue to do it scared and heal together!! I love you and thank you for trusting ME💕✨

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